Hire Royal Western Realty to sell your property.


At Royal Western Realty, we understand our sellers’ concerns and value their time. Your time should not be wasted with incompetent and inexperienced salespersons that are motivated by commissions. We stand behind ethics and values. All of our effort are dedicated and aimed at selling your property at the highest possible price within the shortest period of time. You will minimize the selling process stress with our strong marketing campaign for all of your business and real estate assets.


We will provide you with:

  •  Current market value for your property.
  • The possibility of selling your property above the current market value.
  • The expected time frame to sell your property.
  • Great marketing campaign and professional services




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Local Exposure

Royal Western Realty beautiful signage will be professionally placed on your property. This method will make awareness and attract the local community..


Print Advertising

An old fashion method is always helpful. Before the internet, printed advertising was the way to go. Unfortunately, because of the cost associated with the printed advertising, many people stopped using this method. However, we still believe in it because it reaches a separate community of people. We have creative printed advertising techniques and data that allows us to reach positive results for you.

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Massive Network Exposure

There are times when advertising is not enough to get it sold. During advertising, we contact our network to make them aware of the opportunity to produce more effective results for you. For example: list of  buyers, funds, developers, business owners, and much more.


Internet Exposure

Internet advertising is a must in today’s world. We advertise in many professional websites including the MLS. Our strong internet campaign will allow you to reach a different community of potential customers.