Allowing our clients to access updated market information, recent transactions, and competitive analysis for every unique property. Our solid representation for our clients allowed us to build a strong bond. Many aspects will be explained to each client; Such as: timing, critical market information, and the fundamental of contract dealing. Unfortunately, many people may bring up the idea of supply and demand during negotiation, however, this idea is long gone.

Our Professional Negotiation Skills: providing modern techniques that will allow you to catch the best lease possible on the market, because the structure of proposal is the art of the deal. Now having said that, what is a structure? It is the arrangement and the complex of people perception and thoughts for every unique transaction. Given this idea, we can start gathering solid information to achieve the best deal possible.

Additionally, the art of the deal is knowing when to stay or walk away from the deal. In order to achieve this goal, you will need to hire a capable professional that knows how to and when to execute the terms of the proposal in the deal.



Tenant Representation

Leases are often landmarks in the lifetime of a business. A bad lease will impact your business negatively in the long-term. It also takes significant amount of the business income. Having our professionals on your side will make you stronger to achieve the best lease possible.

We have extensive geographic coverage and submarket knowledge. Given this advantage, we can deliver the current market comprehensive and competitive data. Having such knowledge, together we can create a well-managed and competitive process for you. This process will result in your occupancy cost savings and the most favorable lease terms and conditions in the marketplace.

Moreover, we can assist you in renegotiating a lease renewal or opening new location, or relocating if negotiation failed. We will assist you in making the best possible alternatives and solutions. Some of the key elements we can provide you:

  • Select the best location for your business
  • Analyzing and negotiating the best lease terms possible
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Finding the best store designers, architecture, or space planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Demographic studies
  • Updated data mining analysis for your business, if available and possible to acquire.
  • Provide realistic assessment of the market.

Landlord Representation

The backbone to earn a premium for your property leasing is market exposure. Exposure is not placing for lease sign, cold calling, or simply listing it online.  It will require innovative marketing strategies to conquer a successful market exposure. Our marketing campaign combines modern and state of an art advertising techniques. Therefore, with our negotiation skills and creative marketing campaign; we can get our clients a premium for their property leasing. Therefore, such exposure will allow the property to receive prominent visibility and maximum value.

The fundamental of our success and strong bond with landlords is a thorough understanding of each owner’s goals, objectives, and intentions. Therefore, we work with landlords to classify competitive advantages and opportunities for price improvement to increase owner’s asset value. The fact of the matter, structure is the key for real estate valuation.

Hiring brokerage firm like ours is an advantage itself.  Our knowledge, network, and participation in business acquisitions had allowed us to lease properties smoothly and quickly. We have a pile of possible tenants because of our aggressive advertising and business owners’ relationship.